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With an on-going relationship with a company specialising in operating to the Southern ice cap region, we have operated an IL76 from Punta Arenas in Chile into Union Glacier close to Mount Vinson, the highest point in Antarctica. The aircraft operates into a special ice runway which is prepared each year prior to the start of the season ready for the arrival of cargo, passengers, expeditions, adventurers, mountaineers, scientists and visitors to the region. 

Having been involved in this project since 1997 and enjoyed growth and challenges year on year, the NAS Team look forward to the years ahead.

2014 / 2015 Season


Another busy season moving just under 500 passengers and tonnes of cargo. This is was etremely busy year with the first 757 passenger airline operating into Union Glacier. Please read the news about this amazing flight.


Plus we flew David Beckham to Union Glacier with his team to produce the BBC documentary "For the Love of the Game"

2013/2014 Season

Lake Ellsworth Project Antarctica - NAS moved equipment for this project.


wish to read more go to

We were sorry to hear that Subglacial Lake Ellsworth project did not achieve its main objective in 2012 and wish the team well as they review the project and make future plans. News release


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  • Sarah Williams (Friday, January 25 13 09:53 am GMT)

    What an amazing project


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