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About NAS Corporation

NAS Corporation is a young Company offering Niche Solutions and Project Management  to the  Airline, Air freight industry and other aircraft operations. The company has been set up by Professionals in the Industry with nearly a century of experience between the management team

and Directors.

We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business.  

Company Vision / Mission

NAS Corporation focuses on a specialised group of customers offering business leads to establish thier goals and objectives for growth strategies with solid policies and procedures. NAS also manage and oversee continuing aircraft operations into the Polar Regions. 

Demand for Reliable, cost effective Solutions within Africa and beyond are high on the agenda of Multi Million Dollar Oil, Gas and Mining Companies which NAS Corporation is well placed to offer individual solutions to move urgent cargo into Africa and its most remote regions. 



The Principals of NAS see the following factors playing a critical role in the success of the Company.

  • Providing Services / Solutions in a timely manner.
  • Rapid Response
  • Accuracy of work through good solid solutions.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Professional image with a personal touch.
  • Experience and contacts within the industry.


Financial Results

2012/2013 – NAS Corporation traded only for 6 months before finalising the year end. Turnover was exciting for a start-up company showing a profit of 23,7%.


2013/2014 year end results were promising, with turnover up by 519% over our first years figures leading to a gross profit of 19,9%. Profit was slightly lower than the previous year, this was due to the increase in staff by 30% and additional costs on building up the business.


2014/2015. Another exciting and busy year with good turnover due to increased business in certain areas. Good Profitability made with a small team of dedicated and professional people.


2015/2016 We are yet to finilise our year end accounts, but looks to be another great year for NAS.

The Team

Andrew Smith

Company Director

E-Mail :


Andrew founded and ran an all-cargo carrier, which grew into a market leader for cargo into, within and out of Africa. Andrew worked tirelessly and devoted many years of his life to building that Company. In January 2013 Andrew decided to lead a normal life spending time with his family and pursuing personal interests. NAS Corporation has allowed Andrew to grow his entrepreneurial skills once again but in a different and exciting role. 

Andrew has extensive aviation experience, encompassing all aspects from commercial to maintenance. His principles have always been built on cost management, customer focus and strong supplier relationships.


Samantha Smith

Company Director



Cargo has been the basis of Samantha's life for the last 32 years, having built an exciting network of operations and customers in Southern Africa. Samantha was instrumental in the development and growth of an All cargo Airline together with Andrew, building the commercial, marketing and operational segments. Samantha was extremely passionate about Avient which was built from scratch through sheer dedication. Together with Andrew in January 2013, a new era started and all the passion and energy was placed in NAS Corporation for an exciting future.

Angela Marchi

Executive Assistant



Angela has worked in the Sales and Service industry for the past 35 years and has vast experience in these sectors. Angela has been a key member of our staff now for over 9 years, moving with us to NAS in 2014 to help develop the company & now works extensively on the many projects that NAS has secured.


In her spare time, Angela enjoys time with her dogs and seeking out hidden away areas of the U.K.

Accounts, marketing and Administration 


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